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Sonntag, 30. März 2008

Bootie Munich #6 - THE BATTLE

Pictures from Bootie Munich - THE BATTLE (28th of March 2008)

Schmolli not nervous at all before the fight

Schmolli's "coach" with the Austrian flag

The Bavarian flag for BootOX

The opponents

DJ Gentlemax did the warm up DJing

The battle has begun: BootOX and Schmolli in the boxing ring

Frank and the number girls giving away free drinks

The number girls

Schmolli and his "coach" after the fight

The guy who's responsible for all those pictures ;-)

BootOX and Schmolli :-)

Schmolli and BootOX friends again after the fight

Bootie Munich - The Battle (Video clip / 9:56 min)

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