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Sonntag, 28. September 2008

Bootie Munich #12 with DJ Ben Double M & DJ Fac

Pictures from Bootie Munich #12 (26th of September 2008)

Guest DJs: Ben Double M (Belgium) and Fac (Switzerland)

Resident DJs: BootoOX, Schmolli and Jean-Yves

DJ Fac did the warm-up djing

Ben Double M and Schmolli arrived at the club

Headphones can be useful ;-)

Silvi and Sud (Friends of Schmolli)

Jean-Yves wore the the sneakers he had won at the Wonderwall remix contest.

What did Jean-Yves say here? Maybe "No panic, girl!" :-)

Around midnight Frank and Gerd gave away sausages with bread and mustard for free.

Fac seems to enjoy the sausages. :-)

Ben Double M at the decks

Bootie Munich #12 video clip

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